After having survived a trauma - however big or small - or when facing overwhelming emotions in other areas of life, it is often difficult to know where to begin the healing and growth process. Through various approaches and techniques utilized within individual counseling, sessions are customized to each individual client, their interests, and needs. 

Acting as a guide to my clients, I aim to help each person discover their own abilities to find healing and growth from within. I believe that each person already innately knows how to self-heal - it is a matter of having someone to help them read the map that leads to the discovery of this power. This approach lands the foundation for work done within individual counseling sessions. 

Individual therapy sessions offered on a sliding scale: $100-$130 per 50 minute session.

Based on the belief that "where you look affects how you feel", Brainspotting (BSP) is a technique used to process trauma, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. Combining somatic processing with eye placement and movement, BSP often helps clients discover the underlying issues and allows their body to process and heal. This technique truly allows clients to be their own healers as they tap into natural resources and healing powers within themselves.

Learn more about Brainspotting here, and please contact me with any questions. Brainspotting can be included within traditional individual sessions or can be the main technique used within a session.

Brainspotting sessions offered on a sliding scale: $100-$130 per 50 minute session.

Often, growth and healing come from a community setting. Group counseling offers a space for people to come together with others with similar experiences, learn from each other, and grow and heal through a collective experience. Groups may include psychoeducation groups, therapeutic book clubs, or groups focused on specific experiences.


Please check the Events page to see upcoming groups and pricing rates.

Groups are typically between 4-8 people.

In collaboration with other healing professionals in Milwaukee, workshops are offered on a regular basis. Typically held within the space of a few hours to one day, workshops focus on a variety of topics and often include an educational component, group discussion and activities, and body-oriented therapeutic approaches, such as yoga. 

Please check the Events page for upcoming workshops and pricing.

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