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A Deeper Well

A Deeper Well Counseling is dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their own power in order to promote growth, flourish in community, and experience holistic healing, both inside and out. My vision is to awaken each individual's own power to heal from their past and grow in holistic wellness. Above all else, I value...

  • Empowerment to embrace authenticity in relationship with self and with others

  • Ongoing pursuit of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and increased self-esteem

  • Increased self-awareness through mindfulness practices in all areas of life

  • Discovery of one's inner peace and spirituality, however that looks for them 

  • Cultivation of true community and support

Through A Deeper Well Counseling, I use a variety of mind-body connection and holistic approaches to help guide individuals through their own healing and personal growth.

My Story

My mental health journey began over a decade ago while spending a year in the beautiful countryside of England. It was during a dark and rainy winter that I first experienced depression. Being far from home and without many resources available to me, I ultimately relied on holistic and natural healing modalities to help get me through those dark days. 

In the years since, the depression has come and gone, often accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks. But ultimately it was after working with a Milwaukee non-profit organization that I decided to pursue a career in counseling. My time spent at this organization, learning about the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts of  trauma and sexual exploitation, that instilled a deep passion to help guide others in their own healing journeys. 

The journey is long - and honestly, I am still on it myself. There are still days that I struggle with anxieties, overwhelming stress, panic, and depression. What has been most important is to have a helpful support system, which has included my own counselor and other holistic healing colleague. 

I would be honored to be a part of your support system, helping you to discover your own abilities to heal and grow in self-empowerment! 


Beyond Therapy

Wondering who I am outside of the therapy room?

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Experience & Credentials

Not adhering to any one specific counseling theory in particular, I often use a combination of different approaches to best meet my client’s specific needs. With a holistic view and the therapeutic relationship as a foundation, sessions may include approaches such as mindfulness-based interventions, Brainspotting, dialectical behavioral therapy, and different experiential therapies. Time with each client is focused on helping them to fully connect their mind and body while uncovering their full potential to navigate their own processing, healing, and growth. 


When beginning work with a new client, I approach the therapeutic relationship from a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive model. The first few sessions are frequently spent getting to know each other and exploring a variety of areas of the client’s life. Treatment approaches are then customized to best meet your individual needs, issues, and interests. Viewing each person from a holistic view, I focus on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit of each individual. 


My clinical experience has included working with children, adolescents, and adults with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and needs. Having worked with clients facing mood disorders, personality disorders, sexual issues, addictions, and symptoms related to trauma, I am to work with a wide range of emotional, relational, behavioral, sexual, and spiritual issues. I continually aim to pursue knowledge and the most current research within the trauma field, as well as in contemporary alternative medicines and other holistic healing approaches. 


  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

  • Spirituality & Religious Issues

  • Woman’s Issues


Credentials and Professional Affiliation​

  • Licensed Professional Counselor - Training License (LPC-IT)

  • American Counseling Association Member

  • Wisconsin Counseling Association Member


  • Masters of Science in Counseling, Clinical Mental Health concentration from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, WI
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Biblical and Theological Studies from North Park University in Chicago, IL

Additional Trainings & Coursework

  • Introductory Herbalism Course, The Herbal Academy, Completed September 2020

  • Brainspotting Phase 2; Training by Cherie Lindberg; Milwaukee, WI; Completed in May 2019

  • Brainspotting Phase 1; Training by Cherie Lindberg, Milwaukee, WI; Completed in March 2019

  • Let's Talk About Sex: A Training Workshop for Mental Health Providers; Milwaukee, WI; Completed 2017