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Welcome to A Deeper Well! I am glad that you are here, and sincerely hope that this is a space that you find  hope, inspiration, and growth for this journey that you are on. Life can have many bumps - and some times entire mountains - along the path, and I firmly believe that you already hold the map to discover healing, wholeness, and wellness within.


While I stand by the power of traditional talk therapy, I believe that for true transformational healing, counseling must go beyond talk therapy. It must include mindfulness of the mind-body connection - the belief that our mind and our body do not operate separately, but rather as one. At the most basic level, that is what holistic counseling is about - the whole self. 

This is my passion - to bring a deeper sense of wellness and awareness to living in a more holistic way, not only to improve mental health and promote healing, but to impact every area of our lives.

I would love to be your guide on your journey. I encourage you to explore the offerings and resources on this site, and hope to hear from you to set up a counseling session!



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Why holistic counseling?

Because you are more than just your mental state and emotions,

so why treat you as such? 

As human beings, we are complex creatures. Our health and wellness needs are not one dimensional, and an imbalance in the mental or emotional state is often also reflected in the physical and spiritual states.  

This is why my work with clients is rooted in the mind-body connection. Utilizing therapeutic approaches that are based in this train of thought, it is easy to see how healing ultimately comes from within.

You hold the power that you need to make lasting change and to step into your true self. As you are the expert in your own life, my role is to help guide you in your journey. If you are ready to rediscover your authentic self and dive deeper into your healing journey, I would love to get to know you!

Work with Me

Individual Counseling

One of my favorite times of the week is when I get to meet with you  face to face - when I get to hear about the progress that you have made, the new discoveries, and the struggles that you are still having. When we get to dig deep and do the work of discovering what is within.


I am here to serve as your guide as you discover your own ability to heal and grow. I believe that you already innately know how to self-heal, and my job is to help read the map that leads to the discovery of this power. It is this approach that is the foundation for the work that we will do together in our sessions.

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Hypnotherapy, or guided hypnosis, uses deep relaxation in order to connect to the subconscious mind. This powerful tool has been shown to create lasting changes from a wide variety of issues, including trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, phobias, and physical ailments.


Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of the root of the issues you face, as well as gain valuable resources to help ground you during the session and moving forward. 

You are your own healer. You already have the resources and healing power inside of you. I'm just here to teach you how to tap into that power and help guide you! 


Based on the belief that "where you look affects how you feel", Brainspotting is a technique that is used to help process through traumas, anxieties, depression, and other struggles. 

What I love most about Brainspotting is that it allows you, as the client, to discover what's really at the core of your symptoms and then allow your own body to process and heal. 

You are your own healer. You already have the resources and healing power inside of you. I'm just here to teach you how to tap into that power and help guide you! 


Telehealth Counseling

Not quite ready to meet with people in person, or just finding that virtual works better for your schedule? Telehealth sessions offers all the benefits of counseling from the comfort of your own home!

Any service or activity that would be done during in person sessions can easily be translated to the online setting - so you don't miss out on any of the perks of counseling. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, a comfy pillow and a blanket, and I'll meet you online! 

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